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when joe & mandy vadnay read news that a soldier's 100+ year-old- old chocolate bar was found in its original tin box packaging, they imagined how it would have tasted back then compared to the mass produced chocolate today: likely just simple pure chocolate with no additives. That led to a purchase of cacao beans, learning the process, and finally a homemade chocolate bar (actually it was a bunny from an antique chocolate mold that came from a local antique store owner!). the first bar (bunny) was a winner and so In 2021, Native Oregonian Joe Vadnay turned his love for chocolate into a business to share his craft with you!


Located in the heart of oregon wine country, vadnay chocolate is the first and only bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer in Yamhill county and has quickly gained popularity. the company has already moved out of its original location and into two separate buildings; one for manufacturing and the other for retail sales. 

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